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Invitation for Premier to visit schools impacted by cuts

  • May 23, 2019
  • Published by NSTU1

The following is an invitation sent to Premier Stephen McNeil

Dear Premier McNeil,

Welcome home. I am writing today regarding statements you made in the media about program cuts and focusing on what truly matters.

I appreciate that you have been out of the country in recent weeks and may not be aware of the current situation. My recent advocacy reflects what I am hearing directly from teachers and specialists about cuts to a variety of positions at individual schools across the province. In particular I’ve heard first-hand about cuts to Early Literacy Support (ELS) positions, which the HRCE has confirmed, along with reductions to guidance counselling and Resource teaching positions as well as overall funding and staffing allocations for Options and Opportunities (O2) Programs.

While these cuts may be viewed as the reallocation of resources at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, they have very real consequences for students in our classrooms.

Instead of debating this issue through the media, I believe we are best positioned to realize solutions that support students by joining together for a tour of some of the schools impacted by these cuts so you can hear directly from the teachers impacted.

While it’s clear we have our differences on many issues, I do believe you want what’s best for students in Nova Scotia. I believe a fresh, first-hand perspective on recent cuts would give you a better understanding of their impact.

Looking forward to collaborating on this opportunity to support students with you.

Yours truly,

Paul Wozney