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NSTU calls on government to respect the collective rights of crown attorneys

  • October 18, 2019
  • Published by NSTU1

The NSTU is calling on the McNeil government to respect the collective rights of crown attorneys and withdraw Bill 203.

In 2015, crown attorneys signed a contract with the McNeil government that included the right to binding arbitration for the next 30 years. On Wednesday, Finance Minister Karen Casey introduced Bill 203 removing the agreed upon binding arbitration, and replacing it with a limited right to strike, based on essential service provisions that will need to be negotiated.

NSTU President Paul Wozney says that Bill 203 not only harms crown attorneys, but sends a negative message to all workers across the public sector.

“Over the last year the NSTU has worked hard to mend fences with government and repair the damage caused by Bills 75 and 72,” says Wozney. “To act in the best interests of students it’s crucial we have a relationship based on collaboration and trust. Unfortunately, it’s hard for teachers to trust a government that doesn’t respect the rights of workers.”

Wozney adds, “Nova Scotians have grown tired of labour turmoil. This government’s constant attacks on workers have only served to erode the public services Nova Scotians rely on. I ask the Premier to halt Bill 203 and keep his word to crown attorneys.”