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Government Needs to Focus on Real Causes of Teacher Shortage

  • February 13, 2024
  • Published by NSTU1

Government Needs to Focus on Real Causes of Teacher Shortage

(Halifax-Kjipuktuk, NS) The Nova Scotia Teachers Union is concerned that the provincial government continues to ignore the root causes of the deepening teacher shortage crisis. 

On Friday, Premier Tim Houston announced at the Progressive Conservative Annual General meeting that his government was changing the admission requirements for Bachelor of Education programs across the province. “Just like the old days,” he stated.  

NSTU President Ryan Lutes says the Houston government is refusing to address the systemic problems in education, which are having a profoundly negative impact on learning conditions, while forcing many teachers out of the profession.

 “Currently, many students, particularly our most vulnerable aren’t being provided with adequate support due to a lack of teachers and resources. The lack of supervision has also led to a rise in school violence. As a result, many teachers frustrated with deteriorating learning and teaching conditions, are burning out and in some cases leaving,” says Lutes.

Lutes adds: “The main focus of government should be creating healthier, happier and more productive classrooms for students and their teachers. Much more needs to be done to retain the experienced, dedicated teachers currently in the system if we are going to address this crisis. 

The NSTU has been calling for a comprehensive teacher recruitment and retention strategy that addresses the immediate shortage of teachers and addresses the systemic problems of the education system. The NSTU has been receiving increasing reports from younger teachers that are choosing to leave the profession as they no longer see education as a healthy and rewarding career.